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Hi Guys

I hope this post finds you all well and keeping safe?

The Regiment have very kindly been uploading the historical regimental Hawk magazines over the isolation period allowing veterans to read through them and reminisce. I have personally used them to follow the career of my dad which has at times proven to be confusing but very enlightening.

I have asked the regiment (KRH) if it is OK to share those links via this site but have had no reply as yet. I have therefore taken the opportunity to share them whilst they remain available to all, I hope they remain so.

To have a look please go the the page via this link: HAWK MAGAZINES

I have also updated the page relating to The Regimental Guidon, should be an interesting read for all former members of the regiment. To visit that page please use the following link: THE REGIMENTAL GUIDON

Both links are available via the sites menus also.

Remember if you need to talk to anyone there are options available to you, for instance:

CC1 Hussars – is a facebook group started by Mark Calvert aimed at supporting former Hussar Regiment (all Hussars regiments) Veterans if needed, amongst other things. To go there visit:  CC1 HUSSARS

Have a great week!!

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