Nearly there

After weeks of lockdown and working on this (and my other – shameless plug) website I am nearly there. I have managed to locate, borrow, scan, compress and upload all but one (which I am yet to find) Hawk Journal.

This has been a painful and at times laborious experience, but for this to be a informative and meaningful site it had to be done. I had the time and got on with it, great it is done!

The 14th/20th King's Hussars
As the staybrite black ‘Hawk’ Cap Badge was not be easily identifiable on a navy blue beret, an oval felt backing was issued matching regimental colours to be used in conjunction with the badge when worn on berets.

So now it is over to you, that is veterans of the regiment, historians and the general public that find these websites fun and informative for whatever reason it may be.

I would love to have your feedback, maybe tell me something I have missed you know, the stuff you came to the site for in the first place! In the meantime I will continue to build, improve and add content so keep coming back for more.

Thank you for reading and stopping by!


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